Board of 2024 Chosen


The Agile Finland Election meeting for was held in conjucntion with the Coaching Circle on the 20th of November at the Sofigate office in Espoo. 9 members participated on site and 3 online. The meeting decided that membership fee for 2024 for Agile Finalnd would be 0€ and made choices on the board and officer for 2024

The personnel choices of the election meeting for 2024 are:

Chairperson of the Board

Salum Abdul-Rahman

Board Members

  • Sari Alander
  • Terhi Aho
  • Tommi Issakainen
  • Tuula Johansson

Vice board members

  • Jose Casal
  • Pascal Papathemelis 


Layman Auditor: Ville Reijonen

Vice Layman Auditor: Jussi Kirkkopelto