The activities around Agile Finland are organized in pods. Some pods organize meetups on an even or irregular schedule and some pods focus on organizing only one large event like a conference or camp. Any member can join any pods or start there own pods related to agile or related subjects.

Helsinki Coaching Circle

Helsinki Coaching Circle brings you interesting topics revolving around Agile Coaching and coaching in general. Meetups are in English unless otherwise mentioned in the description of an event.

Facilitators: Salum Abdul-Rahman, Jussi Hölttä, Jussi Kirkkopelto, Ilmari Kontulainen, Pascal Papathemelis


Tech Excellence Finland

The amount of software professionals doubles every five years. That means that half of us are with less than five years of experience. It’s time to take Agile Finland community members back to technical roots by kicking off a new pod (self-organized unit) on tech excellence. This group remembers the new without forgetting the seasoned ones.

Facilitator: Aki Salmi


Agile Finland - Scrum Clinic

Scrum is simple to understand but difficult to master! So who do you turn to when you run into difficulties?

The Scrum Clinic by Agile Finland is a community event where we can support and help each other. Come with your questions and challenges and the Scrum Clinic will try give you answers. 

Facilitator: Lasse Ziegler


ScanAgile 2020

Scan Agile is an international agile conference organized in Helsinki.

Facilitator: Hilkka Huotari


Tampere Goes Agile 2019

Tampere Goes Agile is a one day conference organized in Tampere.


Agile Finland - SAFe Meetup

Meetups for people interested in Scaled Agile Framework and how to apply it in real life.

Facilitators: Jussi Kirkkopelto, Virpi Repo, Elina Westerstråhle