ScanAgile Online Series 2020 is now reality!


You are welcome to join us,

to the ScanAgile Online Series 2020 from your own sofa! We will have inspiring sessions, fresh ideas and of course a possibility to chat with old and new friends. We really hope you’re as thrilled as we are!

The first event is now scheduled to the 4th of May with following agenda:

Doors open to our online event 12:45 (EEST)
Opening words 13:00
Corporate Stories: Sari Hildén13:15
Business Agility: Sakke Mustonen 14:05
Tech Excellence: Thierry de Pauw15:05
Keynote by Jennifer Fawcett15:55
Closing and Feedbackc16:35
Afterwork (Time and space for networking)16:45 - 18:00

Note: due to the ongoing situation worldwide, changes to content and timing may happen.


This event is free of charge and you can register to this event in Lyyti . Note that we have limited number of seats and lot’s of interest towards this event, so treat your registration as binding.


Corporate Stories: Sari Hildén - Posti Transformation to Lean-Agile Enterprise

Within this presentation, you’ll learn what it requires to change a large enterprise operating in a traditional business to address the challenges of the changing world to be competitive, efficient, profitable and attractive for the employees. You’ll get practical information, what are the steps done in Posti, challenges met and how they have been resolved during the journey.

Business Agility: Sakke Mustonen - Design thinking as agile accelerator

By now, Design Thinking has earned its place in the vocabulary of digital transformation. Lately it has been elevated as a visible part of many large scale agile delivery frameworks. However, Design Thinking is still often considered as a responsibility of a few dedicated roles, and not all frameworks are providing concrete, pragmatic guidelines on how to apply and scale Design Thinking through the daily end-to-end toolset of a lean organisation as a whole. If you are interested in hearing about field-tested methods and tools beyond frameworks, join this inspiring presentation to learn and discuss how Design Thinking can help your organisation to reach true user centric agility. You will learn how to apply Design Thinking in keeping your end-users in the centre, inducing more motivated teams, tackling complexity, managing risks, and prioritising more accurately. Design Thinking should not be a privilege of your dedicated UX- or Service Design team only – come and learn how to elevate Design Thinking to become a valuable part of the whole journey from portfolio management to team-level problem solving. 

Tech Excellence: Thierry de Pauw - 15 teams, 1 monolith and 4 months to achieve Continuous Delivery 

15 teams, 1 shared monolith, 1 release every 6 months, and product demand for 1 release every 2 weeks. How do you know where to start with Continuous Delivery, when you’re surrounded by technology and organisational challenges?

This is the journey of 15 teams and their 1 shared monolith, at a federal Belgian agency. They increased their throughput from bi-annual releases to fortnightly releases in under 4 months, achieving a state of Continuous Delivery.

I’ll cover how we used the Improvement Kata, Value Stream Mapping, and the Theory Of Constraints to choose which changes to apply first, and kickstart the organisational changes we needed to improve quality and drive down lead times.

If you thought Continuous Delivery was just for the happy few having trendy microservices, think again!

Keynote by Jennifer Fawcett - The Science of Empathy: Practical ways to Foster Innovation

This keynote will explore the science behind empathy and why it is important to business. Jennifer Fawcett, student and practitioner of empathy, will describe its role in her personal and professional life. The audience will discover how it fuels the most successful companies and creates diverse working environments that people love. We’ll also explore a set of practices that you can use to create empathetic organizations that stimulates design thinking, enables innovation, and ultimately, social responsibility. The audience will leave inspired with techniques to apply empathy to their own business.

Key topics explored include:

  • Why empathy rules relationships, through awareness and safety
  • How empathy creates synergies for design thinking and innovation
  • Values, and how different empathy levels are strengthened
  • Practical tips for evolving empathy


We want all the attendees to be able to enjoy the event to the fullest in a safe, welcoming environment. You can read our Code of Conduct at

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Would you like to network also after the online event? In addition to presentations, our online solution offers a possibility to meet others and have a talk or chat with them. We have reserved you some time to meet others after the official program.

See you in the online event!

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Innofactor has been on agile journey many years now as an organization, as well how we do business with our customers; coaching, training and providing world class team model. Over the past few years for us ScanAgile has been great event to learn, meet enthusiastic people and get best from the great speakers