ScanAgile online series - Remote team building 28. April 2021


Birds are chirping. Trees are turning green. The sun is shining (err, most of the time, tho!) And Vappu! is right by the corner. So, the time has arrived when this community will gather up!

Schedule it on your calendar at 28.4.2021 at 18:00. The fun begins with the topic of your preference: Remote Team Building. Please sign up here for free! And remember to suit up for the occasion 😉. Meaning? Get balloons, hats and the beverage of your preference! After all, building a team always involves team efforts.

What is on the agenda?
18:00-18:10 Check-in & go through practicalities.
18:10 Remote Team Building presentation by Hanna-Mari Loisa & Outi Väättänen
18:25 Q & A
18:30 Group Discussion
18:40 Wrap-up
18:50 Short Break
19:00 Remote Team Building presentation by Jaakko Jokipii
19:15 Q & A
19:20 Group Discussion
19:40 Wrap-up
19:50-20:00 Check out

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See you there!