Academic Network

Agile Finland r.y. is on a mission to grow the agile ecosystem in Finland. We aim to provide a great collaborative community, where people can create great content and share their learnings. We believe that agile is not a method, but a way of thinking about software development that can lead us to a bright and happy future. This new way of thinking is open to learning more about the ways we organise ourselves and do things in organisations small and large.

The Agile Finland Academic Network is a diverse group of professors and industry representatives who want to promote learning and research in the agile space. Feel free to contact us with anything related to this topic. We may be able to help you with e.g.:

  • finding a subject for your Master's or Doctoral thesis
  • finding a company interested in a specific research topic
  • finding researchers interested in solving or exploring a specific problem space

On these pages, you will find information about the Thesis Awards, as well as a list of research done at Finnish universities. 

Contact person: Martin von Weissenberg