Academic Network

The academic network intends to connect Academic researchers and students with Agile practitioners, inspiring and helping each other. Ongoing initiatives include a thesis award, public presentations of academic content many others.

Thesis award

Agile Finland r.y. would like to acknowledge master’s theses of special merit related to the field of agile development, by awarding the prize of 1 000 € each to the three best theses published in 2022.
We hope that these awards will encourage master’s students towards choosing agile topics in their theses, and thus bring the agile field forward on both the scientific and the practical side. We also hope that this will be the start of a great annual tradition.

Award Categories
The awards will be given in three categories. Nominated theses compete in all three categories simultaneously, but each thesis can only receive one award.
Category 1: the Academic Award
The Academic Award will be given to a thesis with a high degree of novelty, potentially high levels of industry and academic impact, and performed using high academic standards, based on votes from all professors who have nominated a thesis. (Professors can’t vote for their own nominee.)
Category 2: the Industry Award
The Industry Award will be given to the thesis with the highest practical or business impact, as chosen by an expert reviewer. For the 2022 award, the expert reviewer and sole judge will be Maarit Laanti, PhD.
Category 3: the Public Favourite Award
The Public Favourite Award will be given to the thesis that receives the largest number of votes from the members of Agile Finland r.y.

To be eligible for the 2022 awards, the following criteria must be fulfilled:
1) The thesis has been accepted by a Finnish university in the calendar year of 2021.
2) The nomination is submitted to Agile Finland r.y. before May 6, 2022 by a professor or supervisor at a Finnish university. (We accept one nomination per professor per year, and the nomination can be submitted any time before the deadline.)
3) The thesis has been published and is publicly available.
4) The thesis supports the mission of Agile Finland r.y., by being related to agile theory or a field of application. This includes but is not limited to agile processes and roles, leadership and organisation, strategy, infrastructure, culture and identity, organisational development, etc.

To apply, the nominating professor and the thesis author should send a free-form e-mail with the relevant attachments and links to The following information should be included:
1) The thesis, complete with cover page and abstract (either as a PDF file, or as a link to an online thesis archive where it can be downloaded)
2) Contact information for both the nominating professor and the author
3) The thesis evaluation or other statements about the thesis created during the university’s thesis evaluation process
4) A short written statement (max. 1⁄2 page) motivating how this thesis interconnects with agile thinking and why you believe this thesis stands out among the rest
5) A free-form layman’s summary of the thesis (max. 1⁄2 page), to be used when the thesis is presented for the Public Favourite Award
Please ensure that you receive an acknowledgement in reply.

The winner of each category will receive 1 000 € and a diploma in a formal ceremony at the next Scan Agile conference, the largest annual agile conference in the Nordics. (For taxation purposes, the prize will be considered as a stipend for studies or scientific research.)
The winners will also have an opportunity to make a presentation of the thesis in that conference.

May the best theses win!